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Yet, what has given ‘S.N.L.’ the ability to be at once mediocre and vital is the fact that it still airs live on network television. Even if some of the show’s funnier bits are now pre-recorded, it’s one of the last examples of mass entertainment, other than sports and political debates, where it truly feels as if anything absurd or hilarious or amazing or awful might happen.

Ah ! ne pourrai-je jamais passer tranquillement une heure sur ton sein, serrer mon cœur contre ton cœur et confondre mon âme dans la tienne !

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The male gaze? I thought you meant the male gays.. whoops

this misconception has happened to me more times than I’m willing to admit..

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why do you hate lena dunham?


I don’t hate her, per se, but I don’t enjoy her work. Her book, or what I read of it, or what I was capable of fucking retaining because my head hurt so much afterwards was just so fucking insincere. I hate that shit. I feel like GIRLS is just this fictional version of herself as a working class, normal person that she uses to try to normalize herself and her childhood trauma of being the child of yuppie white artists and it’s just this horrible attempt at trying to convey normalcy and sincerity and struggle and it comes across as trite and unbelievable. Her acting is bad, she’s said racist shit on her twitter, in her book, in her show. I don’t feel comforted by her feminism or view her as an ally because it is so far from anyhing I understand. I don’t think it’s helping anyone, it’s more just a part of her image. I also don’t get why Judd Apatow is involved in Girls, just seems fucking wrong since he’s the reason we were bombarded with an oversaturation of bro-movies and all-male casts for about 5 fucking years. She’s beyond privileged and most of her pieces published in the New Yorker & in her book are DRIPPING with a mix of yuppie guilt and braggy waxing on about her circumstances. The whole thing stinks. I can’t do it. and trust me when I say, I tried. I watched all of GIRLS, I’ve read interviews, essays. I don’t get it. 

Really, the only thing I’ll give her props for is the scene in GIRLS when Soshanna says WHAT IS THIS, A FUCKING JANE AUSTEN NOVEL? WHAT DO I WANNA BE MENTALLY ILL AND MISERABLE LIKE YOU? after Hannah claims she’s not an intellectual.

Otherwise she can take her racist, boring, mayo ass home.

SEPTA could get platform screen doors


This is really cool tho.

I also saw the most beautiful man ever tonight: good looking as all get out, Impeccably dressed, tall, nice facial hair, and he performed twice at drunken Shakespeare.

Like I would have married him on the spot. 

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We’re nothing, and nothing will help us
Maybe we’re lying, then you better not stay
But we could be safer, just for one day

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Drunken Shakespeare was the most amazing thing ever.